Chaplain Colin Green Personal Bereavement Services



"Each time I lead a funeral service, it is a great honour to assist others in their time of grief and seek to serve them compassionately."

I offer funeral services tailored to your preferences, whether religious, non-religious, traditional or in an alternative contemporary style, including cremation, burial, interment, memorial and thanksgiving services.

Each time I lead a funeral service, it is a great honour to assist others in their time of grief and seek to serve them compassionately.


  • Colin Green has been ordained by Oxfordshire Community Churches to be a chaplain to the bereaved.

  • Bachelor of Divinity (London University)

  • Bachelor of Education (Sheffield University)

  • Diploma in Guidance in Schools (Counselling) (Sheffield City Polytechnic)

  • Certificate in Christian Counselling (CWR)

From classroom to Chaplain

I retired from the teaching profession in 2008, after almost 34 enjoyable and fulfilling years as a school teacher, the last twenty of them at The King's School, a Christian school in Witney. Over those nearly three and a half decades I taught thousands of children, met with their parents and worked with hundreds of teaching colleagues. I therefore believe I came to my new role with my feet firmly on the ground and a proven ability to relate well to people from all backgrounds. I have been married for over 40 years, have four children and four grandchildren.

In the ten years prior to becoming full-time in bereavement ministry I was privileged to lead the funeral services for five relatives, including my own mother and also my father-in-law and mother-in-law. It is such an honour to seek to bring something of God's compassion to people at a time when they are grieving. On two other occasions I had also had the privilege of giving tributes at funeral services, cherishing the memories of friends who have passed away. One of those occasions was when a twelve-year-old pupil in my school passed away very suddenly. Since I began offering personal bereavement services in September 2008, I have taken almost 1,300 funeral services including cremations, burials and interments of ashes, so I now have considerable experience of taking a very wide range of services.  

On Sunday 24 August 2008, I was ordained as a Chaplain. Jason Huffadine, the Leader of West Witney Community Church says, 'It was a delight to ordain Colin as a chaplain to the bereaved. He is a wonderfully compassionate man and we are thrilled that he will have the opportunity to offer help and support for families, during times of great sadness and grief.' 

I offer both Christian and non-religious or alternative-styled funeral services. This breadth of services may seem curious to some, but I believe that everyone deserves a compassionate, loving and dignified farewell from this life. The Jesus whom I see in the Bible was always ready to meet people wherever they were. He didn't require them to have faith before He loved them and I'm seeking to follow His example, offering flexible, personal bereavement services for all.


Usually the services I take are in the counties of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire, but I am happy to travel further afield if I am requested to do so.