Chaplain Colin Green Personal Bereavement Services



"I offer funeral services tailored to your preferences, whether religious, non-religious, traditional or in an alternative contemporary style, including cremation, burial, interment, memorial and thanksgiving services."

I am available full-time to lead funeral services in a friendly, compassionate and flexible manner, whether religious or non-religious, traditional or an alternative contemporary style, whichever is your preference.

By tradition my title is 'funeral officiant' or 'funeral celebrant', i.e. the person who leads the service at the crematorium or other location for the funeral, burial, interment of ashes, memorial or thanksgiving service.

You can request my services directly or ask your funeral director to contact me. It's your right to choose who you wish to lead the service.

I am happy to make a home visit if you wish, to discuss and plan how best I can serve you, attentively preparing a compassionate thanksgiving and farewell for your loved one, tailor-made for you.

You may well have thoughts about both the style and content of the service, but if requested I can offer suggestions for appropriate music, songs, hymns, spiritual and non-spiritual poems, prayers, readings from the Bible and how to help children participate if that is your wish. We can therefore discuss and plan together how best to share your appreciation of your loved one.  It is becoming more common to be innovative and shape the service more directly to the character and lifestyle of the loved one who has passed away.  I shall be very happy to offer assistance and creative ideas to help you develop a service that is "just right" for your loved one.

If you live a considerable distance from Oxfordshire so that it is necessary to prepare the service by means of phone conversations and emails, I am happy to do that too.

In every way possible it is my desire to offer clients the very best personal and flexible service possible. 

In the days, weeks or months following the funeral you may wish for me to visit or ring you to talk about how you and your family are coping. Sometimes this period after a funeral can seem very empty, so it would be a pleasure to serve you further if that is your wish.

Whether you are requesting a cremation, a burial, a thanksgiving or memorial service, or interment of ashes it would be a privilege to serve you.